Spiral Fire Duet - Specialty Fire Dancing Act - JHB - PTA

Show Length: 15 - 30 Minutes | Performers: 2 | Location: Pretoria (Available for Travel)

This beautifully elegant act, slowly builds in energy. This artistic duet takes their audience on a journey of intrigue, inspiration and wonder. During their performance they display a wide variety of skills and custom made props that offers unique effects and spectacular moments that leaves a lasting impression.  Adding speciality features like fire breathing, fire costumes and sparks display to their show creates a high-impact Wow factor for any audience. They have 14 years performance experience and this is evident in the quality of their show.

Fire Props & Arts Featured:

Fire Eating Entertainment Act
  • Poi 
  • Staff 
  • Double Staff 
  • Contact Staff 
  • Sword
  • Double swords
  • Levi-wand
  • Fire eating 
  • Fire comet 
  • Palm torches 
  • Fire Fans,
  • Small double staffs
  • Rhythm sticks 
  • Tumbling Star(Custom) 
  • Fire Breathing  
  • Rope poi 
  • Fire orb
  • Fire pistols

Special Features:
  - Speciality Fire Dress & Dragon Spine Costumes
  - Professional Costumes (Black & Gold)
  - Sparks Display & Dragon Lance - flame thrower (outdoor events only, Venue Dependant)
  - Fire Breathing and Fire Eating (Venue Dependent)

               - Fully Choreographed show pieces, adding special features optional

Spiral Fire Duet Pictures:
Spiral Fire Dancing Duet   Speciality Fire Dress
IMG 1236   Fire Dancer Spiral Fire Duet