Counterfeit Crooners | Singing Waiter Act

Imagine having that glitz and glam feel of Las Vegas at your next event.

Be prepared to watch your event be transformed from the ordinary to the exciting tunes of the Rat Pack Era.
The Counterfeit Crooners is a Surprise Entertainment Act that is guaranteed to make your event the talk of the town. These Singing Waiters initially blend in to the setting and with interesting twist and turns reveal themselves as the tallented artists that they are and entertain the guests to no end.

Presenting a sneak peak at how the 'Counterfeit Crooners' act unfold.

The last thing you want at your carefully organised event is a Health and Safety Officer threatening to shut everything down, right?
This is exactly the scenario you can expect as our debonair head waiter, Tony announces that there might be a slight problem.  A big commotion ensues as Tony and Frikkie, our forbidding Health and Safety Officer, confront each other, making the guests feel extremely uncomfortable…

Something unexpected happens, Tony and Frikkie suddenly burst into song, instantly transporting the audience back to the Rat Pack Era.
Just as the audience starts to feel comfortable again, there is yet another interruption, this time from the car guard of all people! It soon becomes evident that this is another prank as he breaks out into a dynamic tap dance routine of unprecedented experience.

The Three Crooners combine their vocal talents, taking their audience on a memorable journey through time, creating that glamorous Las Vegas feel perfect for gala dinners, cocktail functions and launches.

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