Exquisite Red Carpet Dress Violinist Welcoming Act

Create an impression with the latest addition to our entertainment repertoire:

Our Red Carpet Dress Violinist This act adds elegance and grace to any high end function.

We place our Red Carpet Dress Violinist at the entrance to your event on a raised platform. She wears a designer red dress with cascading layers that covers the podium and extends onto a 20m red carpet. This in itself already sets a prestigious tone to the event.

With the first stroke of her bow, the magic really starts. With years of experience she will enchant your guests with her playful notes and mesmerising melodies. Once the bulk of the guests have arrived, she can step down from the podium and move amongst your guests, playing songs while they enjoy welcome drinks.

The air of sophistication this act creates guarantees a memorable experience and will make each guest feel like a true VIP.

Book this delightful elegant act today to transform your event to the extraordinary!

Contact Us  Let one of our expert entertainment coordinators assist you to make your event extraordinary!

Red Carpet Dress Act

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