Fire Safety Procedures

  The Golden Rule:

The safety of our spectators and the venue is our top priority. If the performance area does not meet our safety requirements listed in this document, we will not go through with the performance. Fire is a powerful element that demands great care and respect.

  The Performers:

  • All Fire Desire performers have a minimum of 5 years’ professional performance experience.
  • Our performers are all practiced in fire prevention and fire-fighting techniques amongst others who are fully qualified by the fire department.
  • Performance outfits are made of fire resistant materials.
  • Our fire dancers have all trained for years, to understand fire, and safely manipulate it.

Performance Props & Fuel:

  • All our fire props are imported, or made to international safety standards.
  • Fire heads are made of a Kevlar blend. This Kevlar is fire proof, and does not fall apart or melt.
  • The Kevlar heads are soaked in paraffin (excess paraffin is removed before igniting to prevent any droplets from flying off the gear during performance)
  • Paraffin is the safest fuel to use, as its flash point / ignition rate is much slower than that of other fuels, such as petrol or benzene.
  • Paraffin burns much cooler than any other fuels available, making it safer to handle.
  • Extinguishing the gear at any time is as easy as smothering it with a wet towel/cloth.
  • Props are spun off into special ‘spin-off cans’ to remove excess paraffin. Only a small amount of fuel remains soaked in the Kevlar. This makes it an extremely controlled fire, especially in the hands of a trained professional.

The Performance Area:

 Performers     Stage Width    Stage Depth    Height / Clearance  
1 Person 3m 3m 4m
2 Persons 6m 4m 4m
3 Persons 7m 4m 4m
4/5 Persons 10m 6m 4m
6/8 Persons 12m 6m 4m

* Outdoor Performances

  • It is crucial to have the dedicated performance area free of any obstacles and decorations, to ensure a safe performance. The guests should also stand at a safe distance and should not try to “slip past” while we are performing, as it is hazardous for both parties, and causes distractions while we are performing. We do realise that some functions require us to walk in amongst the crowd, which is not a problem so long as there is sufficient space.
  • A clear floor space no less than 3x3 meters is required for a single fire performer.
  • Additionally guests must then still stand, or be seated at least another 1,5 meters from the performance area.
  • Height restrictions are usually not an issue for open-air, outdoor venues but in other instances, we require a minimum of 4m height space for the performer to use their props efficiently, and safely.
  • The floor surface must also be clear of any flammable material, such as carpets; or any pot plants that may be an obstacle.

* Indoor Performance Requirements

  • A safety inspection of the venue and performance area is essential before any indoor performance.
  • The minimum ceiling height required for a safe indoor performance is 4m.
  • For indoor events, it is important that there are no hanging drapes or decorations above or around the performance area.
  • There must also be sufficient ventilation to extract the fumes released by burning paraffin.
  • We have fire extinguishers available for any event, as a safety precaution, and we may require fire safety officers or fire spotters, depending on the number of fire performers you require for the event.
  • If the allocated performance area is not suitable, we will try to find an alternative area, otherwise the fire safety team will not allow the performance to take place, as it too great a risk for either party.
  • We will require written permission from the venue to allow us to perform with fire indoors.
  • EMS should be notified of the indoor fire performances. They will then look at the safety procedures we have in place, as well as the size of the venue and the number of guests attending, and if they are satisfied, they will give us the all clear for the performance. EMS will generally insist they are present on the evening of the performances, at a small cost. Alternatively, a Fire Desire Entertainment performer, qualified in fire safety, may take up this role.

Fire Safety & Fire Safety Equipment:

  • We always perform with a dedicated Fire Safety Officer aka “Spotter” standing on the side lines for indoor performances, constantly monitoring the performances to ensure a safe execution of the performance.
  • Spotters are also available for outdoor performances upon request, also for a small fee.
  • Spotters keep a close eye on the dancers and venue for any potential hazards before, and during performances.
  • All “Spotters” have access to fire safety gear, such as fire blankets and extinguishers.
  • A First Aid kit is included with the safety equipment on hand as an extra precaution.
  • The number of fire spotters is determined upon the number of fire dancers performing at the event; or the venue may elect a comfortable number of fire spotters they require. Generally no more than 2 ‘spotters’ are required.

Re-fuelling Station aka ‘Fire Station’:

  • Props are refuelled at the ‘fire station’ which is a safe distance away from the performance area and guests.
  • Props are also spun off in this area using the above mentioned ‘Spin-off Can’.
  • Fire safety gear is also located at these stations.
  • For large groups of performers, we would create up to 2-3 fire stations slightly separated from each other. This ensures large amounts of fuel are not stored in one location, which reduces the risk of a fire hazard. This also makes it easier for the performers to refuel without the extra worry of being rushed or over-crowded.
  • Fuel is decanted into designated, and clearly marked containers, using a funnel to ensure that no fuel is spilt on the floor.
  • No more than 5L of fuel is permitted at a ‘fire station’ at any time. If additional fuel is required for extended performances, this is stored outside the venue until it is required. Storing large amounts of fuel in one location is a large risk therefore, as we always say: Rather safe, than sorry!


Most Fire Desire Entertainment performers have been performing professionally with fire for many years; not to mention the years leading up to becoming a professional performer. We have dedicated many years of our lives to mastering, and safely handling fire.
We have performed in many high profile venues such as: Emperors Palace, Monty Casino, Sandton Sun Hotel, Sandton Convention Centre and even Sun City to mention a few.
Fire Desire Entertainment was founded in 2009, and completed thousands of fire performances all across the country, without incidents. This all comes down to the strict safety procedures we follow.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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