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Belly Dancing – An ancient art that has enticed and mystified audiences for centuries. This seductive dance has its origins in the Middle East, Mediterranean and North Africa. Originally this dance was performed as a rite of fertility or as part of a marriage ceremony. Ironically, males were excluded from enjoying this mesmerising dance. Belly Dancing was introduced to the Western world in the early 20th Century and today has become a very popular choice for entertainment.

Fire Desire Entertainment has sourced distinguished troupes of Belly Dancers that will captivate your guests from start to finish. All our dancers have a variety of designer costumes that will take your breath away. Our team of acclaimed artists have years of training and performance experience. Not only will they have you mesmerised with their enticing flow of movements, they can also spice things up a bit by using various props.

The traditional Belly Dance is enhanced with the help of props such as Balancing swords, Moroccan candle trays, Shamidans, Silk fan veils or Isis wings to mention a few. These create a spectacular array of colours that will transform your event from the ordinary to the unforgettable.

belly dancer Belly Dancing Belly Dancing Performance

Our troupes are extremely passionate about their art and have mastered many different styles of Belly Dancing, such as Egyptian, Greek, Tribal and Western. These elegant dance acts have been performed both nationally and internationally. Our highly skilled dancers have also combined their talents and energy with those of local and international celebrities and have featured on many TV platforms such as Eastern Mosaic, MTV Africa and eTV.

Belly Dancing is definitely a mystical form of oriental dance that will continue to entice audiences for many years to come. Be sure to include them to add that mysterious touch to your event. We can arrange a spectacular show for you, or you could go the more traditional Middle-Eastern route of having a Belly Dancer move between your guests.

Contact our events coordinator to tailor make a performance for your individual needs and the rest will be as they say, history.

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