Brunos Journey into PoiI am Bruno Kopf currently 23 (2010) years of age, based in sunny South Africa. The past two years I have been running and growing the Fire Desire Poi and Staff Community alongside passionate friends. I was always into staff. The majority of the Fire Desire crew all initially did poi. I have watched them progress enormously over the past two years and met some amazing people along the way that have changed my life in many ways. Everyone has always been asking me why I don’t play with Poi or why I don’t learn it. The answer was simple I am a rather stubborn person at times.

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Brunos Journey into Poi Week 1

Bruno Blog Poi
To start my journey into Poi I will be working through the Playpoi Beginner series. This is for easy reference purposes and so that anyone else wanting to learn Poi can have access to the same amazing material I did. I also have the added benefit of living with advanced poi artists so hands on help is always available to me. Videos are helpful but nothing beats hands on help as they can tell you where you are going wrong. Fire Desire

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Brunos Journey into Poi Week 2

Bruno Blog Poi StallsMy second week I spent practicing many of week one drills but I also started working on some additional moves. I was also starting to have more and more fun just playing and dancing around with my Poi. I find myself now splitting my practise into two sections Drilling and Dancing. Both are important as you need to be able to do a move in all directions before you can dance and turn freely with it.
So I tend to dance with what I know and drill new moves on the side. As I learn a new move I start working it into my playing and dancing exploring the different ways I can connect the moves. When dancing, if I make a mistake somewhere or feel something feels awkward I stop and drill the move I am having a problem with then continue dancing and having fun. Fire Desire

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Brunos Journey into Poi Week 3 & 4

Bruno Blog Poi Reel
Week 3 was a very obsessive week I couldn’t put my Poi down. There were some days where I practiced for over 8 Hours. I’m guessing this was a combination of my determination and just having a blast of a time. Dancing and playing with my poi has been so much fun even if it is just the basics. Learning poi has just fuel my passion even more. It is clearer than ever before to me, I want to do this for the rest of my Life. Fire Desire

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Brunos Journey into Poi Week 5 & 6

Poi OrbitsI must say, I'm starting to have tons of fun playing with POI! My fellow staff players might not like what I have to say but I think I might actually enjoy Poi more than staff.... yes I said it. If you don’t believe me try it for yourself!
I recently purchased myself a set of monkey fists fire poi and I am loving them! Remember I complained about the baby flames the first time I played with fire Poi. Well not anymore my new toys burn big and long! 5-7 Minutes! Fire Desire

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