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LED Pixel Poi Dancer and Tron Shows

We were the first to introduce High Definition LED Pixel Poi to South Africa in 2014 and what a sensation it has caused. This spectacular technology is the beginning of a revolution in the way that your product or brand can be marketed.  

With a massive collection of breath-taking patterns, designs and fractals we can program the props to compliment any theme. We can even include custom images of your choosing: Logos, Products, Slogans and even full head shots of people. Your Imagination is the limit.

Let our highly trained team and professional LED Dancers transform your next function to the future.

LED Pixel Poi - How Does This Technology Work?     

Basic Pixel Poi Images

LED Pixel Poi work on what is known as the “Persistence of Vision” principle. 

This sounds very complicated, but is a very natural and simple process. Whenever light strikes the retina of our eyes, the brain retains an impression of this light for about a 10th to a 15th of a second. When there is a continual change of light or image, the brain can’t distinguish between the individual images and process it to appear as one continuous image

Example: When visiting the cinema, pictures are flashed onto the screen at 24 frames per second, but the movie goers experience this as one continuous stream of visual entertainment.

These props can be programmed with multiple custom images on a timeline. There is a wide variety of stunning graphics and designs that can be displayed in any colour. Alternatively we can program full resolution logos, slogans, product pictures or even full images of people.


How Can LED Pixel Dancers Add Value To Your Next Event?

Weddings & Engangement Parties    Product & Brand Activation
A popular option is to program the props with photos of the Bride and Groom and perform to select music that is sentimental to the couple, creating a truly memorable performance.        Ensure your next launch gets the attention it deserves. Incorporating your logo and slogans into the LED Pixel Act is a sure way to create a lasting impression on your customers.

Corporatre Functions & Events:   Private Events: Birthdays and Parties
An Award Ceremony is an opportunity to give credit to the hardworking individuals that really contribute to the business. Give them the ultimate recognition by programming their photos or names and have it come to life out of thin air. All company branding can also be included

  Commemorate this special day with a tribute to the birthday person with                personalised photos and “Happy Birthday” slogans.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
With access to hundreds of beautiful patterns and designs we can program the props to any event theme and colour scheme.To add the final touch, we program the pixels to music in order for the vocal point to be displayed as the music “breaks”    

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