Learning Flow Arts: Dedication and Determination

Dedication and DeterminationMany people come to us after a performance and ask how they can start learning. They then grab a set of poi/staff and wildly spin it about most often hitting themselves without giving me a second to try instruct. At this point many people want to give up…. WOAH hit the brakes man! Don’t jump off the cliff because you couldn’t do something on your first attempt. I have spent thousands of hours practicing with my staffs. Hours upon hours of the same thing just to get it perfect, regardless of how simple the move is.

How quickly you learn to play with poi or staff ultimately comes down to your dedication and determination to learn.
I played on a daily basis for 8 months, I had gotten the basics down nice and clean, my throws were looking great and I was getting a nice flow in my performance. I had moved from a 1,5m staff to a short 1m as I became addicted to twirling and throwing. It was about here I became a little stagnant and didn’t know where to go next.

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Tips for Learning Staff

tips for learning staffBefore we start physically spinning the staff there are a couple things I want you to consider. These tips are meant to get you thinking and get you into the right mindset for learning staff.

1. Your staff will become an extension of yourself. at first the movements and flow of the staff feel weird and you might struggle but this is the same thing as when you learn to ride a bicycle or car. At first it’s awkward and hard but before you know, it has become second nature. I say this all the time Dedication is the key to becoming a good spinner one must invest the time and effort if you want to be good. This applies to anything in life.

2. Stay motivated. Any spinner knows of the frustration that comes along with learning any poi art. My best advice is if you’re getting frustrated with a move take a break or practice a different move. Sometimes it just takes the brain some time to rest and register what you have been trying to learn and then it comes naturally. Go watch some clips online get some new inspiration and keep reminding yourself that you are learning and getting frustrated is normal. Keep pushing, keep spinning and you will overcome.

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Learning Poi

learning poiPoi is quickly becoming a more popular activity all around the world, for people of all ages. A special thanks goes out to every group/person that has aided the growth of this amazing art. Be it through performance, teaching, sharing or by contributing online, Thank you. Fire Desire is commited to the growth of Poi and flow arts

Now one might ask yourself what is the best medium to use when learning poi. I would suggest using them all. Every spinner has something unique to offer, so learn as much from each person as you can. Learning how to poi is a journey filled with joy, accomplishment, self discovery, frustration, passion and new friends. If given the chance Poi will change your life or at least the way you look at it.

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