Authentic West African Drumming Performances

Can you hear the beating of the drums in the distance? It is the call to take a break from the modern day rat race and return to your roots. Fire Desire Entertainment presents our ensemble of West African Drummers to transport your event from ordinary to a celebration of a culturally rich tradition.

Our Drummers and Percussionists have eleven years’ experience and this will be quite apparent from the moment your guests hear the dynamic rhythms. This team is all about entertainment. Do not expect your guests to be bored by just another drumming performance. These performers interact with their audience and create a sense of unity amongst your guests with their infectious rhythms. Don’t be surprised to find your guests dancing and clapping along to the sound of thundering basses and cracking slaps.

Drummer Drumming Acrobat  

Advice when Booking West African Drummers:

To create a real impact and a inspiring performance, you need a minimum of 4 drummers. 
One drummer plays bass drum and this drives the base rhythm. The other drummers then play different rhythms over the base drum; creating an authentic African sound. One of the drummers can act as an african acrobat. The acrobat drums and steps out every now and then to dance and perform impressive acrobatic feats.

It is possible to provide you with 1 or 2 drummers if requested, BUT we strongly advise against it. 

 Once you Book 4 or more drummers, you start to create the authentic sound and energy that makes West African Drumming so special.

Is your aim to create a truly African/Tribal theme for your event? Why not add a Fire Dancer to the Drumming Team. There are endless possibilities. Contact our entertainment coordinator for some inspirational ideas.

Our West African Drummers are also available for Team Building Facilitation and Sessions.

Contact Us  Let one of our expert entertainment coordinators assist you to make your event extraordinary!

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