Arias Anonymous | Singing Waiter Act

Your Gala Dinner is about to be transformed by this Surprise Entertainment Act.

What is a Surprise Entertainment Act you ask? It is a simple idea that has an incredibly high impact. Performers are completely integrated into the event, whether it is as waiters or the chef. Something sets them off and they deliver the most incredible Opera performance.

Briefly Presenting: Arias Anonymous Singing Waiter Act:

Your event has been planned to the very last detail and everyone seems to be enjoying themselves. But what is an event without someone throwing a spanner in the works?

A peculiar tradition by the staff interrupts the flow of the program. The French Head Chef, Josef, nervously explains how he is returning to Paris and would like to sing a song for the audience. His performance is to say the least, catastrophic.

Our gallant Head Waiter, Giovanni sees the disaster unfolding and quickly chases Josef back to the kitchen. Effortlessly he takes charge of the evening and conveys his apologies for the unfortunate incident with a pitch perfect vocal display.

Josef, however, is not ready to give up on his dream of singing just yet. He returns, but this time his most delightful virtuoso voice makes the audience gasp in amazement. The duo starts to entertain the audience together and another talented waiter interrupts them and surprises all with his genius.

These three characters contend for the spotlight and thoroughly entertain the audience with amusing dialogue and one alluring rendition of aria after the other.
The show ends on a high note as the trio perform Franki Valli’s “Too Good to be True”. By this time everyone is guaranteed to be dancing and singing along, whether it is a wedding, corporate function, gala dinner or an exclusive event.

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