Speciality Fire Breathing & Eating Acts

 The art of fire breathing is truly a spectacular art to witness, and is guaranteed to leave your guests in awe. As massive columns of fire shoot high into the air, the heat can be felt from a distance. A skilled fire breather can manipulate the flames into short bursts, large columns, or maintain a consistent flame for a short few seconds.

 Fire breathers have been around for centuries and its roots are believed to trace back to the discovery of alcohol being used as a fuel and was first recorded in medieval times.

 Fire eating, an art which involves extinguishing flaming torches in ones mouth, is the sister art of fire breathing and dates back to about the same time.  

Fire Breathers Fire Breathing

 Both these arts are extremely dangerous for the performer if not done correctly and, as such, expresses a  "wow" entertainment factor for the show when done correctly. When hiring a fire breather or fire eater, it is of the utmost importance that you hire a trained professional, to ensure the safety of your guests as well as the performer.

 Fire Desire Entertainment has gone through great lengths to ensure we only hire out true professionals that have had years of training and experience in these breath-taking arts. We ensure only the best so that your guests can be entertained by this magical art while knowing safety is our top priority.

We have Fire Breathers available in the following cities: Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town and Port Elizabeth

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