Fair 4 All Policy

Fire Desire Entertainment was established in 2008 and is run by Bruno Kopf, a Professional Fire Performer. In the early days it became apparent that unethical business practices were creating havoc in the entertainment industry. This prompted us to create our own Booking Agency with what we call the ‘Fair 4 All Policy’ as the foundation of running our business.

The Challenges:

The first challenge we encountered was certain agents charging clients ridiculous high prices, but paying the performers a minimal fee. This seemed completely unfair, as these agents took up to 200% or more profit, while the performers were the ones doing all the hard work.
Another trick some agents used to maximise their profit, was to play performers against each other in a bid to get the lowest price possible for a show. At the same time the client would still pay the same extreme high rate, the only party benefitting from this practice being the booking agent.
A big concern to us was also the quality of the performers. The art of fire dancing is still relatively new in the entertainment industry which means that the general public is not aware of what a professional fire performance is. For most people a person manipulating fire is impressive, because of the danger aspect involved. Currently there is no grading system within the fire dancing community which means that anyone with a set of fire props can try to sell their services. The market soon became flooded with fire dancers, mostly not professional. This causes a problem. How does the client know that they are getting a professional and safe fire show? Keep in mind that these performers are using fire, an element that could be devastating if not handled correctly.
Essentially it seemed that some agents were only in the game for the profit, regardless of the quality they provided.

The Solution:The Fair 4 All Policy
We, at Fire Desire Entertainment, believe in providing a service that is fair for all parties involved while supporting the growth and development of the performance arts.

Fair for you the Client by:
Providing you with safe world class performers and shows.
Giving you the option to choose your own performers from our listings.
Charging you fair rates for performers and shows.

Fair for the Performers:
Paying the performers a fair rate for their professional services and taking a fair commission.
Giving the performers a fair chance at selling their act by listing their profiles on our website.

Supporting the Performance Arts:
We also believe in supporting performance arts and donate 5% of all our profits to charities like ‘Performers without Borders’ who teach circus arts to underprivileged children around the world.
We constantly aim to improve our skills as performers and as an agency. In order to know where there is room for improvement, please assist us with your feedback. We will send you a form after your event, please don’t be shy. Without your feedback, we will assume everything went well. We really want to hear your opinion, whether it is for praise or improvement.

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